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Sources of Support


We all share a vision for the future — a world free of multiple sclerosis. Our commitment to that vision is unwavering and comprehensive. Whether it's driving collaborative research on multiple continents, developing information shared through an MS specialist for someone receiving an MS diagnosis, or advocating for necessary change in Washington D.C. — or your home town — we are there.

Achieving our mission, and ultimately ending MS forever, requires reliance on a broad base of support. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people give generously to the National MS Society. In fact, the large majority of our funds come from people making contributions of less than $100.

Our sources of support include the following:

  • Special Events: The Society offers hundreds of special events throughout the year to engage participants and fundraisers critical to supporting the mission. Approximately 65% ($162 million in 2013) of the Society’s total annual revenue is raised through special events, including Bike MS and Walk MS events.
  • Individual Giving: Generous individual donors provide a substantial source of funding toward the mission. Donations at all giving levels contribute approximately 26% ($57 million in 2013) of the Society’s total annual revenue.
  • Pharmaceutical Support: Pharmaceutical company funds account for less than 4% of the overall funding that support Society program services, including our national magazine, Momentum.
  • Corporate Support: Corporations across the country support the mission through direct financial support, cause-related or value-add partnerships, and even through significant pro-bono services. Direct corporate support of approximately $10 million in 2012, rounds out the remainder of the Society’s total annual revenue.

The Society is dedicated to ending MS by engaging committed individuals who want to do something about MS now — individuals who raise money, volunteer their time, participate in events, conduct cutting edge research, advocate for change, and provide critical programs and services to families affected by multiple sclerosis. We forge partnerships with all those who have this shared commitment, including our sister MS organizations around the world, the National Institutes of Health, universities and medical schools, corporations, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our collective commitment and resources will enable us to achieve a world free of multiple sclerosis faster.