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Recreation & Travel

Travel and recreation can contribute to overall quality of life.

Diagnosed in 2011

Travel Resources

When you're ready to hit the road, the trails—or the high seas, get in the know first. These sites and resources are geared towards travelers with disabilities

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A diagnosis of MS shouldn't keep you from traveling or participating in recreational activities you enjoy.  The key is research and planning. When you're ready to hit the road—or the high seas, get in the know first. The following resources can help you started planning your next trip or activity:

The Doctor’s Travel Tips
Dr. Barbara Giesser, a clinical neurologist who has specialized in MS care for more than 20 years, offers advice about how to travel safely and comfortably.

Heat & Temperature Sensitivity
Keep in mind any heat and temperature sensitivities when planning travel or recreation activities.

Barrier-Free Travel: A Nuts And Bolts Guide For Wheelers And Slow Walkers by Candy Harrington
Barrier-Free Travel gives readers the tools and resources to prepare for their journeys and is essential reading for every traveler with mobility limitations. 

Accessible Nature Trails
Many national and state parks offer accessible nature trails. Here is your guide on how to find them, along with a select sampling from across the nation.

Physical Activity and Exercise
In addition to being essential to general health and well-being, exercise is helpful in managing many MS symptoms.

Get Growing
Almost anyone can reap the benefits of gardening with the right approach.

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

The amended regulations include new or expanded provisions for nondiscrimination policies.  They cover:
  • the use of wheelchair and other power-driven mobility devices
  • the use of service animals
  • reserving and guaranteeing accessible hotel rooms
  • selling tickets for wheelchair accessible seating at sporting events and performance venues
  • guidelines on how the new regulations affect existing facilities