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Digital Activism

Spread the Word

Learn about how you can spread the word about MS activist priorities.
Use these short, basic video tutorials on how to use Twitter and Facebook.
You can verify Federal officials’ pages online.


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Get informed

The way the world communicates has changed and MS activists are part of the new conversation. Use online and interactive (social) media to build awareness and drive change.

  1. Join the MS Activist Network to receive updates on policy affecting people and families with MS. We’ll email you when policy or legislation calls for your immediate action – usually an easy email to your public officials.
  2. Connect with the MS movement in social media: Facebook and Xfederal, state and local advocacy. Use Facebook’s search function to find local Facebook pages. 
  3. Connect with your State and Federal (U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives) public officials. Find and follow members of Congress on Twitter with C-SPAN’s list (or enter your zip for your Representative’s X handle and choose your state for your Senator’s X handles). Use Facebook’s search function or visit officials’ websites and look for “Like” buttons. 
  4. Connect with other MS activists and the conversations that you care about through activism-related posts on the Society’s blog, and by following #MSactivist at X and in other social media.

Hashtags of interest include #MSactivist, #MS, #MSresearch, and trending issues — you’ll know them when you see them or when @MSactivist on X posts them — for example #AccessToMeds. Hashtags (like keywords) let you search for, support, and share relevant conversations and priorities.

Rise up

Identify yourself as an MS activist.
  • Sample Facebook status: I am an #MSactivist. Multiple sclerosis affects my life (add a short personal note sharing how). To support me on issues that affect families facing #MS please Share this and Like @National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    The “@” symbol preceding a user or page name only creates a “tag” if you Like that user’s profile/page. The successful tag will automatically change the name to a hyperlink and the @ symbol will disappear. Please tag @National Multiple Sclerosis Society or indicate that you are “with” your local page.
  • Sample Post: I am an #MSactivist – join me & support people w #MS. Please share & follow @MSactivist
Hashtags (like keywords) let you search for, support, and share relevant conversations and priorities; hashtags also let others search for, support and share your conversations. Hashtags aren’t just for X anymore – use them on Facebook, Instagram and almost any other social media site.

Tips for MS Activist:

Take action

Share information about MS and the needs of people affected by MS with your networks and public officials.
  • Join the MS Activist Network and take action on our action alerts - remember to personalize them with your individual and unique story.
  • Visit officials’ Facebook pages to comment on their posts. Your comments or Likes let officials know that you are paying attention. Use appropriate hashtag(s) in your Comments to ensure that others pay attention too!
  • Visit officials’ Facebook pages to post a message like: As a constituent and an #MSactivist, I urge you to support the interests of people living with multiple sclerosis. #MS is an unpredictable, often disabling disease – the exact cause is unknown, and there is no cure. (add a personal note if you wish)
  • X: @publicofficial (replace “publicofficial” with your official’s Twitter handle) As a constituent and #MSactivist I urge you to support interests of people w #MS.
    With a mention on X — the “@” symbol preceding a user handle — directs your tweet to the intended recipient to engage them in conversation. A period (.) in front of a mention ensures that all of your followers also see the tweet.
Don’t be disappointed if your official doesn’t respond. Officials and their staff are still learning social media just like the rest of us!
Be sure to nurture the conversation. Publicly thank your officials when they respond and/or support your issues (cosponsorship, votes, etc.). Respond to contacts from your officials and their staff — ask the Society for help or advice if you need it.

Connect others

Recommend or share this page and ask others to join the MS Activist Network.
Read other activists’ stories on the Society’s blog, comment and share them with your networks.


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