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Specialty Care for Multiple Sclerosis


Partners in MS Care

Partners in MS Care are healthcare providers — such as neurologists, rehab providers, mental health and long-term care providers — who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in treating people with MS. These providers have a relationship with the National MS Society which helps connect their patients to the information, resources and support available to assist them in living their best lives.


Centers for Comprehensive Care are Partners in MS Care that provide coordinated multi-disciplinary care. These are uniquely identified through the Center for Comprehensive Care logo.


To find your Partner in MS Care:

Finding the right provider and learning to advocate for the care you need is important. Learn more about developing your healthcare team.

Become a Partner in MS Care

Partners in MS Care go through a review process where their knowledge and expertise in MS is vetted by a committee of their peers. To become a Partner in MS Care, the provider must demonstrate they meet a certain set of criteria. If you are a healthcare provider and would like to learn more, please contact us at

Pediatric Centers

The National MS Society has established a nationwide network of Pediatric MS Centers engaged in research to better understand the cause(s) of MS, characteristics of these disorders in children, and how best to provide care for children with MS. In addition to engagement in research, these centers offer comprehensive evaluation and care to children and teens (up to age 18). A child does not need to have a definite diagnosis of MS in order to be evaluated by one of these centers.

In addition to the centers in the network, you can use the Find Doctors and Resources search to locate neurologic care or Centers for Comprehensive Care in your state, and those with a pediatric specialty will be noted.

VA MS Centers of Excellence

To support veterans living with MS, the Department of Veterans Affairs established the VA MS Centers of Excellence (MSCoE), a network of regional programs, telemedicine and informatics to improve care for veterans with MS, enhance MS education and promote research into the causes and treatments for MS.

To learn more:


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