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"60 Minutes" segment prompts concerns about presenting the needs of people with disabilities in a balanced light
Read the article from the LA Times and Society-issued letter to "60 Minutes"

A limit in consumer out of pocket costs is delayed in health care law
Learn more in "The New York Times"

MS hope from 'off-the-shelf' drugs
Off the shelf drugs offering new hope to those with MS. Learn more

Should multiple sclerosis drugs cost $62,000 a year?
"Healthline" looks at the rising costs of MS therapies. Part 1 and Part 2

Multiple sclerosis in children rare - but often worse
Though pediatric MS is rare in children, it might hold a key to better understanding MS triggers. Learn more

Why America can never give up on medical research
"The Week" highlights the importance of medical research in the U.S. Learn more

New MS Therapy Could Build Autimmune Tolerance
If the immune system is the body’s army, autoimmune disease is a mutiny. Learn more

Enhanced white blood cells heal mice with MS-like disease
Genetically engineered immune cells seem to promote healing in mice with a neurological disease similar to MS. Learn more

Overcoming Mobility Issues
everydayHEALTH highlights the personal stories and coping strategies in overcoming mobility issues.

Researchers find link between shrinkage of a nerve center and MS
Thalamus shrinkage may be a predictor of who will develop MS. Learn more

Imagining a world free of MS talks to Cyndi Zagieboylo, the president and CEO of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Foundations Fuel Biotech Ventures

Foundations are fueling biotech ventures, Fierce Biotech explains.

Focus on what you can do

Got MS? Focus on What You Can Do, Not What You Can’t reports the Huffington Post

Settlement helps Medicare recipients receive better care for chronic illnesses

Medicare beneficiaries with chronic health problems can now continue to be covered for physical therapy because of a recent court settlement.

Read more from the New York Times
Therapy Plateau No Longer Ends Coverage
Settlement Eases Rules for Some Medicare Patients
What Medicare Will Cover Even if You’re Not Likely to Get Better

Keep Moving with MS

Read about the benefits of exercise for people with MS in the February 2013 issue of Heart and Soul.

In Sickness and in Health

Citing the Society as a resource for prospective caregivers, Real Simple shares the inspiring loving relationship between Joe and his wife Becky.

New anti-viral clinical trial

Novel anti-viral clinical trial soon to launch in UK. Learn more at the BARTS and London School of Medicine blog

New from everydayHEALTH

everydayHEALTH has added a new series of MS related articles including:

 * Coping With MS and a Secondary Disease
 * Discovering a New Sport
 * Strength Training to Improve Quality of Life
 * Getting a Good Night's Sleep
 * A Daughter's Mission to Find a Cure for MS

New multiple sclerosis medications

USA Today looks at new therapy options available to people living with MS


November is National Caregiver Month

everydayHEALTH offers some insight and tips on being a successful care partner featuring MS Ambassadors Michael and Gail Gerber.

Shemar Moore's love for his mother who has MS is helping us move closer to a world free of MS

See Shemar Moore talk about supporting his mom and the MS community through the 'Criminal Minds' Bike MS Team.

Kaiser looks at the new Health Law

Kaiser Health News takes a deep dive into the Health Law to provide a Consumer's Guide

Fast Forward is spotlighted as a power player in speeding new treatments to people with MS

Read what Nature Biotech, Xconomy, and Medical News Today are saying about new research models.

A Controversial ‘Cure’ for M.S.

The New York Times Magazine section explores a controversial cure for MS. Learn more at the New York Times website

Wallisch speaks at MS conference

But beyond the edits and afterbang, the Pittsburgh native is also a vocal advocate for multiple sclerosis awareness, and is slated to be the opening speaker at the National MS Society Conference in Dallas, Texas, this week. Read more on

Setting New Standards in MS Care and Research

The Lancet spotlights the work of the International Collaborative on Progressive MS in its current editorial. Read The Lancet article

Screening Tool Reveals Two MS Types

Study reveals promising factors for better predicting the course of MS. Learn more about this study

Why America Can Never Give Up On Medical Research

Dr. Bill Frist, former Senate Majority Leader shares his observations in The

Diagnosing, Treating and Living with MS

The NPR Diane Rehm Show presents a panel of experts, including a doctor who has MS, about diagnosing, treating and living with multiple sclerosis. Listen on NPR

Hurtful and Beautiful

Poet and teacher Laurie Lambeth discusses her perspective on the ever-changing normals of life with MS. Read more at The Atlantic

Living with MS

Living with MS means struggles and triumphs. Learn more on

Positive psychology and chronic illness

Learn more about the power of positivity when coping with chronic illness from Fox News Health Talk with Dr. Manny.

Heroes as planners

Society volunteer Martin Shenkman received the 2012 Pro Bono award from Financial Planning for his creative work in helping both professionals and people living with chronic illness better understand the importance of long term financial planning.

Researchers implicate unique cell type in MS

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health show that a unique type of immune cell may contribute to MS - and the discovery may explain the effects of the experimental drug daclizumab.

Two amazing MS Ambassadors

Phil Keoghan and National Board member Kim Phillips on The Talk.

Where are they now?

Sports Illustrated looks at the challenges football and MS have brought to the Campbell family.

Learn more about the "Flavors of the Gaslamp" Pro Player Foundation charity event held to support Tyler Campbell and the work of the National MS Society

Rising cost of specialty drugs

The Washington Post looks at how rising costs of “specialty” drugs is prompting employers to limit their use.

Noah '40' Shebib on CNN

CNN has spotlighted Society Ambassador Noah ’40’ Shebib and how he’s moving his life forward despite his MS challenges

Fast Forward in Action

- highlights how Fast Forward is helping young biotech firms speed the development of potential new MS therapies.

 - Start-Up journal spotlights two routes to new MS therapies. Read the article (PDF)

Effective Advocacy is Personal

Life experience is a rich source of inspiration for advocacy. Read on for one MS Activist’s story

Pediatric MS fundraising

Creative advocacy raises important funds to support the work of Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence.

Caregiving and MS

2012 report on MS caregivers reveals challenges and needs from

MS Health Center which attracts 6.7 million visitors monthly has added an MS Health Center to its site which includes a summary of new MS therapies showing promise.

Tyler Campbell

Ebony magazine spotlights Tyler Campbell, son of football legend Earl Campbell, in pursuit of his own field of dreams. Read more

Meredith Vieira and Richard Cohen

AARP The Magazine did a feature on Meredith Vieira and Richard Cohen and how they thrive as parents and partners while finding ways to manage Richard’s chronic illness. Learn more

Phil Keoghan — ‘The Amazing Race’ host and MS Society ambassador

Entertainment Weekly, Access Hollywood, and USA Today cite Phil Keoghan’s “The Ride” as a must see on SHOWTIME between Feb. 18 and Mar. 4.

On SHOWTIME between Feb. 18 - Mar. 4 see Phil Keoghan — ‘The Amazing Race’ host and MS Society ambassador — take on the challenge of his life and raise awareness and funds for MS. Learn more