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MS Clinical Care Connection - the Society's quarterly newsletter for healthcare professionals - delivers information and resources on a variety of clinical topics.

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Supporting MS clinical care

The Professional Resource Center provides information, resources and literature search services to support comprehensive, interdisciplinary MS management, as well as tools and resources for clinicians  and their patients.

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National Medical Advisory Committee

The Society is dedicated to providing accurate, up to date information to enhance quality and access to MS specialty health care. The National Medical Advisory Committee is comprised of MS healthcare experts who  analyze medical evidence, provide insights into information needed to support quality MS care and wellness, advise on medical delivery system issues, and provide leadership.

Learn more about the members of the National Medical Advisory Committee.

MS Navigator Program

Providing people affected by multiple sclerosis with the information, resources and support required to address the challenges of MS.

About MS

Disease overview with comprehensive information about diagnosis and management of the disease course, relapses and symptoms.

Diagnosing MS

Managing MS

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An MS Research Revolution

Support MS Research

Understanding and ending MS can’t come fast enough – it will take all of us working together. It’s easy to be a champion for MS Research – join us and proudly let everyone know that you’re helping to lead the MS Research Revolution.

Become a Research Champion

Become a Research Champion