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Live Fully, Live Well



Live Fully, Live Well

A Collaboration of the National MS Society and Can Do MS

Angela, diangosed in 1992
Angela, diagnosed in 1992

Why this program now?

MS can bring many challenges and test even the best within us. People living with MS want to know what they can do today and every day to feel their best and be as healthy and well as they can be.

The Live Fully, Live Well program was developed as a tool to assist people living with MS to find strategies that support their personal exploration of wellness.

Program objectives

  • Increase your knowledge of the principles of resilience and adapting to change.
  • Gain knowledge about what contributes to a sense of well-being across many dimensions of wellness and how lifestyle behaviors and choices impact both MS and quality of life.
  • Increase your confidence in developing a personal approach to living well with MS by developing motivation, self-confidence and hope to pursue personal wellness goals.
  • Develop specific goals, activities and behaviors that promote personal well-being and optimize quality of life with MS
  • Participate in an interactive learning experience through sharing and connecting with others in a classroom setting.
  • Identify community resources for support and connection, as well as strategies to include and engage others (family, friends) in your wellness plan.

Additional resources

  • View the Live Fully, Live Well Workbook (.pdf)
  • Join the Society's Facebook Social Learning Group - National Multiple Sclerosis Society Community - to participate in self-paced learning units within a social setting. In addition to learning about health and wellness, symptom management and other MS-specific topics, community members can share and comment, connecting to other group members for advice and support. This group includes a Live Fully, Live Well with MS unit to provide strategies you can implement now to impact quality of life.


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