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Free From Falls

A comprehensive fall prevention program.


Free From Falls program

This eight module program is designed to increase your knowledge about risk factors associated with falls and provide you with strategies to reduce your risk of falling.


This program is designed to accomplish the following:
  1. Increase your awareness of the prevalence of falls among people with MS and the risk factors associated with falls.
  2. Identify strategies you can employ to prevent falls and develop a fall prevention action plan.
  3. Engage in and develop a home fitness plan addressing balance, endurance, and strength, aimed at reducing your fall risk.
  4. Increase your confidence in minimizing fall risk and in managing falls if they do occur.
  5. Identify additional community resources to implement a fall prevention action plan.

Program structure

This program contains the following components to provide you the same educational experience as the in-person program but with the convenience of access from your home:
  • 8 webinars focusing on biologic, behavioral and environmental risk factors for falling and targeted strategies designed to reduce your risk of falls
  • Downloadable educational material to review before and after each webinar
  • Video with exercises to be performed 3-4 times per week and designed to improve postural alignment, balance, endurance and mobility, and therefore reduce your risk of falls


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