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Home and Leisure

Guidance on how to make the most of your home and enjoy your free time.

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Multiple sclerosis may have changed many aspects of your life, including your home life and your leisure time. But with creative problem-solving and thoughtful planning, you can continue to enjoy your home and to do the things that are important to you. You might even discover enriching new activities you had not considered before.

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Housing and MS

A home should be a place of sanctuary. But as your MS changes, navigating your home — even getting into some rooms — might become a challenge. If you find yourself in that position, consider modifying your house or apartment to improve accessibility or moving to a home that can meet your needs

If you can afford it, hire home care to assist with tasks that are no longer manageable for you or your loved ones. If money is tight, research affordable housing and financial resources for people with MS. Make your home a place of ease again.

Emergencies and disasters

Living with MS every day, you may be uniquely qualified to face the unexpected. Still, it’s better to be ready when disaster strikes. These emergency preparedness resources will help you and your family confidently face whatever emergency may come — whether it’s a flood, mudslide, storm, fire or power outage.

Recreational and leisure activities

Pleasurable activities contribute to overall wellness and quality of life. Don’t let MS stop you from participating in sports, exploring nature, staying active, enjoying new experiences and having fun. Many activities can be adapted to your capabilities. Mobility aids may allow you to participate in others. Have things in your life that you love to do — and find ways to keep on doing them.


What’s the best way to make sure you have a public restroom when you need it? Will needles and other medical supplies get you in trouble with the TSA? What happens if you have a relapse while on the go? Whether you’re traveling to Zanzibar or Zanesville, Ohio, these travel resources will make the trip go smoother. 

Just because you have MS doesn’t mean your traveling days are done. With planning and flexibility, people with MS can go anywhere in the world.

Enjoying leisure activities

Enjoyable leisure activities contribute to overall wellness and quality of life. Whether you are participating in physical activities or sports, exploring nature or traveling to other parts of the country or the world, you are attending to your health and wellbeing by staying active, interacting with others, enjoying new experiences and having fun. Virtually every activity can be adapted in ways to suit your needs.

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The National MS Society’s Partners in MS Care program connects you to local health care providers and medical facilities that have demonstrated exceptional care, knowledge and expertise in treating patients with MS. All partners, whether they are a neurologist or social worker, have a strong relationship with the Society and connect their patients to the information, resources and support they need to live their best lives with MS. Find a Partner in MS Care.


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