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Building Spirituality into Your Life


Finding and maintaining one’s spiritual self involves carving out time and space to explore, nurture and refuel one’s inner self, to focus with intention on opportunities for change and growth and to remain open to new ideas, feelings and ways of interacting with the world.
Although time and energy may both be in short supply, you may well find that instituting some daily practices into your routine pays off.
  • Set a spiritual intention – set aside quiet, personal time for prayer, mindful meditation, journaling or reading religious or spiritual materials
  • Practice gratitude – take a moment to notice good things in your day and express gratitude for them. The goodness may be reflected in different ways, for example, acts of kindness by others, beauty in the world around you, a happy event, a beautiful piece of music or something that inspires you.
  • Take a life-affirming action – do something each day that makes a difference to others, whether it’s helping another person, protecting the environment, taking care of animals, promoting a cause or volunteering your time and talent.
Creating these habits in your life to build or reinforce your spiritual life.

Consider journaling

Journaling – regular writing about one’s thoughts, feelings, experiences – has been founds to help people clarify their thoughts and feelings, get to know themselves better, reduce stress, solve problems more effectively and resolve disagreements with others.

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Consider mindful meditation

Mindful awareness is the moment-to-moment awareness of one’s physical, emotional and mental experiences. It involves an orientation toward one’s experience in the present moment that is characterized by curiosity, openness and acceptance.

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