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If you are currently taking or considering starting on a multiple sclerosis (MS) medication, use the links below to review the various patient assistance programs that are available. If you are enrolled in a specific program, please check these sites periodically to ensure you have the most current information. In addition to the programs for MS disease-modifying therapies, financial assistance is available from other trusted sources. Please see below for these additional resources to assist with medication and infusion costs.

For help deciding which programs fit your needs for MS therapies or to find help paying for other medications, see our step-by-step Guide to Prescription Financial Assistance.

Manufacturer Assistance for MS Disease-Modifying Treatments

Infusion Center Resources

National Infusion Center Association - non-profit patient advocacy organization which offers an online Infusion Center Finder to locate centers throughout the U.S. that administer IV/injectable medications. NICA also provides online consumer education to help patients learn more about infusion services.

Additional Resources for MS Disease-Modifying Treatments

The following nonprofit organizations also offer programs that may be able to help people who have insurance and still need help with the cost of their disease-modifying therapy.  The assistance offered by these organizations is separate from what is offered by the medication-specific programs (noted above). We encourage you to access both sets of resources.

Copay assistance programs frequently open and close due to fluctuating funding levels. If you would like to receive an email or text notification when one of the above copay assistance programs has opened, we suggest using this free tool:

Help with Other Medications

For help finding assistance with medications other than the MS disease-modifying therapies, please see this section of our Guide to Prescription Financial Assistance.

For assistance with expenses other than MS medications, visit the Financial Resources page.


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If you or somone close to you has recently been diagnosed, access our MS information and resources.

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