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Programs and Services for Your Patients


Patient Programs and Services

Finding answers and making sound decisions relies on having the right information at the right time. The National MS Society provides answers to questions and access to information about all of the options available. Our MS Navigators are highly-skilled professionals — equipped to respond to patient needs. Contact the National MS Society to learn more or request copies of the resources listed.

Newly Diagnosed

  • Knowledge is Power - Knowledge Is Power is a free, in-home educational series for people newly diagnosed with MS and their families. This comprehensive program provides upto-date facts about many aspects of MS. (Available in Spanish.)

Client Publications

  • Brochures - More than 60 booklets and brochures are available to people with MS and their families. Categories include General Information, Newly Diagnosed, Employment Issues, Staying Well, Managing Specific Problems, Managing Major Changes, and For Children & Teenagers. Publications, including many in Spanish, are available online.

Connection Programs

  • Peer to Peer - The Society helps people living with MS connect with others to share experiences and provide support. Connection programs include traditional, in-person self-help groups, peer-to-peer support, online communities and other means of bringing people together.
  • MS Connection Online Community - is an online community that provides the opportunity to connect with people involved in the MS movement with valuable content, activities and resources.


  • Career Crossroads - This video program focuses on the legal rights of employees with MS and examines ways to mitigate the effects of MS on work performance. A self-study companion workbook is also available.
  • MS & the Workplace: Employer Education video - Provides basic information to employers about managing the impact of MS in the work setting.

Financial Planning

  • Financial Planning - The Financial Education Partners program provides pro bono financial planning and education to individuals with special health or financial circumstances.

Online Learning

  • MS Learn Online - MS Learn Online is the Society’s educational webcast series. New webcasts and past webcasts, many in Spanish, can be viewed at any time from the Society’s Web site.

Pediatric MS Resources


Resources For Families


  • The Society’s Scholarship Program - The Society’s Scholarship Program helps highly qualified students who have been diagnosed with MS, or who have a parent with MS, achieve their dreams of going to college.


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Become a Research Champion