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Cost of Multiple Sclerosis


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A new study shows the average total cost of living with multiple sclerosis is $88,487 per year. The actual amount spent per year varies from person to person based on a number of factors including treatment option, daily life needs and health insurance coverage. 

The Cost of MS

For the nearly 1 million people living with MS in the U.S., the annual economic burden — the cost to all of society, including individuals living with MS, government (federal, state and local), employers, health insurers and more — is $85.4 billion.
Direct medical costs, indirect medical costs, and non-medical costs total $85.4 billion

Direct medical costs, indirect medical costs, and non-medical costs total $85.4 billion

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The study estimates the annual U.S. economic cost of multiple sclerosis at more than $85.4 billion per year, underscoring what many people with MS know all too well – MS is a highly expensive disease.  

Direct medical costs such as doctor’s appointments and medications are the biggest contributor to the high cost of MS, with disease-modifying therapies (DMT) representing the single biggest cost of the disease.  

The study also factored indirect and non-medical costs, such as costs of daily living, early forced retirement, home modifications, and more. Care partners pay an average of $4,333 each year to provide care to someone living with MS.

Range of DMT Costs

The annual costs to individuals on an MS disease-modifying therapy ranged from $57,202 to $92,719, depending on their age and gender.

Addressing the Cost of Living with MS

While we’ve long understood the financial burden on people with MS and their families, this study highlights the far reaching and considerable cost of this disease on the entire U.S. economy and the real impact these costs have on people with MS, their families and care partners. It highlights the urgent need for policymakers and other stakeholders to help lower the cost of care and treatment of MS, a lifelong, chronic disease. 

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Help Managing Your Expenses

If you are experiencing financial or employment challenges related to MS, the National MS Society can help connect you to the information, resources and support you need.

Help for MS Healthcare Providers

 MS medications can only change lives if people can afford them. When discussing a treatment plan with a person with MS, include financial considerations and resources in the conversation. Help ensure people with MS can take the most effective treatment path for them. Be an advocate and educate people about their options.   


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