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Technology can keep you connected with family and friends and help you manage your MS, keep track of your health, handle everyday tasks and even maintain a job.

Voice command

Voice command is a useful tool that can help with a variety of tasks—from regulating thermostats to editing a book. Read more about the benefits and range of voice-controlled devices and software in Momentum magazine.

Smartphone apps

Smartphone apps are a popular way to manage health-related behaviors. Studies show apps can help monitor MS symptoms, diagnosis and disease management and help track physical activity and nutrition behavior.

But not all apps are created equal, so choose carefully. The Food and Drug Administration does not provide oversight on health apps, so apps might offer incorrect information or they might not keep personal information confidential. Ask questions: Are the app’s functions supported by evidence, does the app developer have a privacy policy, is the app easy for disabled people to use, are advertisements featured, and how much does the app cost?


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