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For Professionals

MS Clinical Care and Research Professionals

The Society partners with researchers and clinicians to increase knowledge about MS, identify new treatment and management strategies, and to help people access the care they need to live their best lives. We offer information, consultation services and a wide range of research funding programs; training opportunities and services; and, tools and resources to support your work . 

Society Funding

Discover our broad spectrum of research funding and training opportunities.

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Submit research and training applications through our ApplyOnline system.

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Resources for Researchers

Access tissue and DNA banks, datasets, clinical measures, trial recruitment options and more.

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Professional Calendar

Keep track of upcoming conferences, meetings and other learning opportunities.

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  • Researchers

    Access tissue and DNA banks, datasets, clinical measures, trial recruitment options and more.

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  • Rehabilitation Professionals

    Learn about rehabilitation throughout the disease course and access Rehabilitation Research Headquarters and post-doctoral research training opportunities.

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    Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Nurses

    Connect with MS nurses worldwide, become a certified MS nurse and access publications for nurses and nurse practitioners.

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  • Physicians

    Discover training fellowships and tools and resources to support your practice, including insurance appeal letters and Social Security Disability application guides.

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  • Health and Wellness Professionals

    Access publications and training opportunities to help you enhance and expand the benefits you provide to people living with MS.

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    Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Mental Health Professionals

    Learn about psychosocial support from diagnosis onward, access training webinars and learn how to ensure that individuals with MS and their families can find you.

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    Mental Health Professionals