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RealTalk MS Podcast


The National MS Society is teaming up with “RealTalk MS” to produce and deliver a weekly podcast hosted by Jon Strum. Each podcast takes listeners on a journey and connects those affected by MS to breaking news, information and hot-button issues.

The Society chose to partner with Jon because of his passion for the MS movement and his commitment to providing accurate and engaging content.

What is “RealTalk MS”?

Each week, podcast host Jon Strum breaks down the latest in MS news, research, advocacy and support for people living with the disease and their carepartners. Every episode features an interview with world-class MS researchers, clinicians, advocates and policymakers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of people living with MS.

Jon’s goal is simple—keep the conversation going until there is no longer a need to talk about multiple sclerosis, except in the past tense.

About Jon Strum

Jon Strum knows first-hand how multiple sclerosis affects a loved one and their family. His wife Jeanne was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in 1997. He served as her carepartner until Jeanne lost her battle with the disease in February 2020. Jon’s love for his wife and his determination to do something to help her and others living with MS inspired him to start “RealTalk MS” in 2017.

Jon has been associated with the Society for more than 20 years. He is one of three non-scientist members of the International Progressive MS Alliance Scientific Steering Committee and a long-time and passionate MS activist. gives you access to:

  • This week’s podcast
  • Past podcasts
  • “RealTalk MS” history
  • MS Resources and tools

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