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Become an MS Activist


Drive change as an MS activist

The change that MS activists drive positively impacts lives of people affected by MS.

Each of us has a story that can raise awareness about MS and the needs of people affected by MS, educate public officials and drive change. Together, our voice is powerful and will move us closer to a world free of MS.

Your story is a unique and powerful advocacy tool – perhaps the most powerful tool you possess. Please watch this short video by Brad Fitch of the Congressional Management Foundation and begin your journey through the seven elements of storytelling:

  1. The Want” – Beginning with the end in mind
  2. The Opening” – Set the state and establish the stakes
  3. Paint the Picture” – Details and the senses
  4. The Struggle” – Describe the challenge(s)
  5. Discovery” – Provide interesting and impactful facts
  6. We Can Win!” – Introduce the potential of success and joy
  7. The Button” – Finish with the request

This worksheet will also guide you through the storytelling process. Storytelling is a life-long advocacy tool that you can use online, for in-district visits, in your statehouses, in letter-writing campaigns and much more! MS activist Robert Taylor used this process to craft his story – you can too!


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If you or somone close to you has recently been diagnosed, access our MS information and resources.

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