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The National MS Society works to improve the quality of life for people affected by MS in Louisiana and raise funds for critical MS research. Join the movement toward a world free of MS.


  1. Volunteerism

    Volunteer Wellness Partnership Cultivator

    Wellness is a dynamic state of physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social well-being that can be achieved even in the presence of a chronic illness or disability. The South Central Region makes wellness programs available through a variety of approaches. This volunteer role is a unique opportunity to work with the Society staff to lead efforts to create new wellness opportunities, by connecting to community wellness instructors and/or community based wellness organizations.

    Lissa Giacco
    713-394-2928 or 800-323-4873
  2. Volunteerism

    District Activist Leader

    Have you met with your elected official and shared how MS affects you? Are you interested in growing this relationship to keep people with MS are front of mind as he or she considers legislation? Lead the way in your community by becoming a volunteer District Activist Leader.

    As a District Activist Leader, you will build and foster critical relationships with the elected officials in your legislative district. You will serve as a liaison between these officials and the Society, helping to develop a reliable grassroots movement across the state and the country.

    Simone Nichols-Segers
  3. Volunteerism

    Community Health Relations Representative

    As a spokesperson for the National MS Society, Community Health Relations Representatives (CHRR) increase awareness to the healthcare community about the MS Society. CHRR's provide information on available resources, programs, and services offered to the healthcare community and to individuals living with MS and their families. An increased awareness of MS advocacy, support, research, and fundraising to the healthcare community helps move the National MS Society closer to achieving its mission.
    Gail Lindsey
  4. Volunteerism

    Scholarship Review Panel

    Volunteers will work in groups to review and make decisions regarding scholarship applications submitted to the National MS Society, ensuring all candidates are given fair, full consideration.
    Sharleen Dupee
  5. Volunteerism

    Contributing Writer

    As a contributing writer, volunteers will be responsible for gathering and organizing information from various sources and constituents for both internal and external publication. Position covers a large geographical area that includes Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.
    Kristina Peck
  6. Volunteerism

    Self-help Group Facilitator/Co-Facilitator

    National MS Society self-help groups bring people together who share a common life experience (living with MS) for support, education and mutual aid. Self-help group leaders and co-leaders, with the assistance and participation of group members, manage the organizational and logistical aspects of group facilitation.
    Amy Woolsey


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